An intuitive design studio that makes it easy to stay on the forefront of scientific research.



1) Optimize & Innovate your workflows rapidly.


Easily build and customize your current workflows while staying on top of the latest breakthroughs in genomics workflow research.

A powerful cloud-based system that integrates securely into your NGS reporting ecosystem.


2) Deliver your insights seamlessly.

Automate your workflows so you get the insights you need - no matter how big the data gets.


What Navipoint Can Do


Taken by themselves, our capabilities are industry-leading. But together, Navipoint is a best-in-class solution.


Proven Big Data Management

Analyze and scale your data management with our acclaimed clinical-grade software.




Novel Pipeline Design

Design NGS pipelines with our intuitive bioinformatics graphical interface that has over 1,500 tools and algorithms.



Cutting Edge Curation

Take advantage of half a decade’s worth of development with leading research groups and over 30 best practice workflows, representing the best in genomics analysis approach.